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Doctrinal Statement & A Banquet Feast of Preaching

There are many doctrinal statements on line that folks can read.  I along with the congregation of our church would be proud to sign this one.  This is truly "What we teach"

Doctrinal Statement of the Master's Seminary

I spoke at a small tent revival in Goldfield Nevada in 2014 and gave what I consider to be a consistent version of The Gospel of Jesus.  Click on the link if you want to see exactly what we think the Gospel is.  A clear presentation of the gospel we believe is also available here.  1 Peter 2:24,25 given August 27th 2017

We align with and have signed the Nashville Statement of the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.  A clear Biblical statement of beliefs regarding human sexuality and marriage.

Below are some web pages where you can enjoy a feast of the Word of God

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R. C. Sproule - Ligonier Ministries

Ligon Duncan - The Prince of Preachers

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