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One In God

Every other Sunday

4:00pm – 6:00pm

Location: 2212 Whitesage Court, Tonopah, NV


Youth group meets 1st and 3rd Sunday afternoons at Kirk and Karmin Greber's home.  It is very informal and you can expect excellent fellowship and friendships, some kind of snackage, and a bible study time.

SUNDAY   |   4-6pm   |   The Gospel "Live"

Let's open up the Gospels together, break it down to discover God's answers to some tough questions and hard situations.  The gospels are the New Testament books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

Each meeting we chose our study subject "live" by simply asking kids to "pick a number" -- (1) "pick a number between 1-4" to identify which Gospel to study (2) pick a number to identify a chapter within that Gospel book (3) pick a number to identify the verse to focus on, and (4) we read the entire passage which contains that verse and discuss it at length.  

It may sound a little random, but when you start with prayer for the Lord to guide our study, it turns out to be really exciting!  It's literally saying to God, "We're here, we're ready to listen, and You're in the driver's seat".  The living & active Word of God is our entire platform.

After some incredible open discussions, we play games and enjoy some great down-time with each other.  ** C O M E   O V E R   &   J O I N   I N ! **

Call Kirk or Karmin 775  482  9468 if you want to learn more,or if you need a ride we will absolutely make that happen!  

775  482  4959 text    |    |    2212 Whitesage Court Tonopah

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